The Mirus Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit educational and charitable organization based in Santa Fe, NM.


Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals and members of the general public with holistic healthcare information.
We need your help to allow us to expand our work. We are asking for your donations to allow us to develop and bring to you other healthcare subjects.  THANKS!

The Mirus Foundation :

* Has been a source of alternative healthcare education for 20 years

* Operated a free clinic in Taos N.M. the Wellbeing Community Clinic from 2005-2010

* Conducted national holistic healthcare seminars for medical and nursing professionals

* Launched, the first of Mirus’s “Healthcare Learning Program”  offerings


Future Planned Courses:

Fertility Awareness, an alternative to in vitro fertilization

Herbal Medicine


Nutrition, as an anti-aging strategy

Breaking addictions w/Mindsight_Breaking Habits, developing empathy

Complementary Medicine

Stress Reduction-Meditation