About Your Instructor: Lia Bello R.N., F.N.P., C.C.H.

Lia Bello, R.N., F.N.P., C.C.H

Lia Bello R.N., F.N.P., C.C.H.
Family Nurse Practitioner  Certified in Classical Homeopathy

Lia Bello is a Family Nurse Practitioner, educated at the University of Virginia, and is Certified in Classical Homeopathy. Lia is the founder of the Homeopathic Nurses Association www.nursehomeopaths.org and is America’s foremost homeopathic nurse educator. Lia has taught this same course live hundreds of times over the 40 years since she first learned homeopathy and is glad to share it online now.   Lia loves to open up the world of Homeopathy to mothers, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. Residing in Santa Fe,  New Mexico, Lia has a private practice specializing in holistic healthcare.

Contact Lia Bello at liabello6@gmail.com  or call 505-474-4917.

About the Mirus Foundation

Founded in 1993, The Mirus Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit educational and charitable organization based in Santa Fe, NM.  Our main mission is healthcare education.

The Foundation’s goals are to sharpen thinking and develop programs that address our community’s health problems and efforts to solve them, and increase  awareness about important public choices about sustainable healthcare.  Mirus has  developed an innovative healthcare seminar program teaching the effective use of complementary therapies that are gentle, effective, non-toxic and economical.

Lia Bello is the President of Mirus Foundation and its’ Director of Healthcare and Education. She has been a nationally recognized teacher in the healthcare arena for over 30 years. She has introduced thousands of healthcare professionals and lay people to safe and economical alternative healthcare therapies.

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